Our Approach

As experienced and successful tutors ourselves, our aim is to provide a superb way for the most experienced UK tutors and students to come together to raise attainment in the UK. So whether you are a parent, student or a tutor you have come to the right place.

  • If you are a parent/student you can browse, contact and hire experienced tutors in your area, that are qualified to teach the subject(s) you require.
  • If you are an experienced tutor this is a free service which will enable you to browse and contact students in your area that need your help to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Parents / Students

Begin by searching our list of Approved tutors by subject and postcode or town. Review their profiles and badges. Once registered on Approved Tutors you can create your own ‘Favourites’ list of tutors, view tutors who have added you to their Favourites and other statistics, contact any number of tutors free of charge to discuss your requirements and verify their availability. Once you have chosen the tutor(s) you wish to hire (and the tutor accepts you as a student), you can purchase their contact details for an admin fee of £20 via our integrated and secure PayPal Gateway. You won’t need a PayPal account as you can also pay by debit or credit card. The tutor will deduct this admin fee from your tutoring fees so this service is entirely FREE for parents and students. You will be provided with your chosen tutor's full name, address, email address and telephone numbers to enable tutoring to commence. Registered parents will also receive an email when a tutor views your profile, adds you to their favourites, or sends you a message.


During our registration process you can select the subjects that you teach and upload relevant proof of ID, DBS, and qualifications to our secure encrypted site. Documents are reviewed and approved not published. You can then become an Approved Tutor with no advertising costs and receive many new enquiries. You can begin by browsing parents / students by subject and postcode, review their profiles and create your own ‘Favourites’ list of parents /students that you would like to assist. You can view parents / students who have added you to their favourites and other statistics. You will be able to contact any number of parents / students free of charge to discuss their requirements and their availability using our integrated secure messaging system.  If a parent / student wishes to book tutoring sessions (and you accept them as a student) they can purchase your contact details for an admin fee of £20.  Approved Tutors reimburse the fee paid by their new customer by offering a £20 discount from subsequent tuition fees (or equivalent tuition time).  Subsequent tuition rates are set by and paid directly to you the tutor. Registered tutors will receive an email message to notify you when a new parent/student registers that matches your subjects and area, when a parent/student views your profile, adds you to their favourites, sends you a message, purchases your contact details or submits feedback.