Frequently Asked Questions

Is Approved Tutors an agency?
No Approved Tutors is a listing site to connect Parents and Students with Tutors. Tutors pay no fees or commission as they would with an agency.
Who are the directors of Approved Tutors?
There is only one director who was formerly Department for Education with a first class honours degree in education, 30 years teaching experience and now a full time private tutor.
How do you fund the site's development, hosting and advertising?
Parents pay a one off fee of £20 for a tutor’s contact details and in return the tutor gives a £20 discount off the first months tutoring fees (or the equivalent in tutor’s time); the £20’s go towards the funding of development, site hosting, site admin and Google Adwords advertising campaigns. We also now offer an additional service to tutors who wish to become a Premium Member and include their full name and contact details on their profile. See FAQ about Premium Membership below.
How much do tutors charge per hour?
Tutors set their only hourly or half hourly fees and the Parent pays the tutor direct.
Is the Approved Tutors site secure?
Yes, is a secure site and SSL encrypted.
As a tutor I am asked to upload documents, will they be published and are they securely stored?
Tutors are asked to upload proof of their qualifications; they are viewed and approved but never published. They are only visible to the site administrator who is Enhanced DBS cleared and are securely stored and encrypted. When a qualification is approved there is a prominent tick adjacent to the qualification.
Do I need a current CRB/DBS certificate to register?
No, but it does show on your profile with a tick or a cross whether you have uploaded a recent CRB/DBS certificate (or Scottish equivalent). Naturally parents of under 16s prefer tutors who have a CRB/DBS certificate.
I am a tutor, how do I add qualifications and subjects?
Whilst creating or editing your profile you should add both the qualifications you have (by clicking the Add Qualification link) and upload proof, and also the subjects you teach (by clicking the Add Subject link) as parents/students want tutors who are qualified to teach the subjects they offer. They also prefer tutors who have teaching qualifications and profiles with a photo of the tutor.
I have registered but never received the activation link, what happened?
It is very likely that you made a typing error when you entered your email address but it is also possible the activation email is in the junk folder of your email account. If you have checked emails received and it is not there we would suggest you re-register and check your email address is correct when you create your account.
I am an online tutor, do you have an integrated whiteboard and web conferencing facility?
We will be integrating a whiteboard and web conferencing API into Approved Tutors soon. We are currently evaluating and testing a number of solutions including Adobe Connect and Braincert. If you have a recommendation please contact us.
I am a tutor but you don't have the subject that I teach; Can you add more subjects?
Yes of course, please use the Contact Us form to request any new subjects you require and advise us whether the subject / qualification should be in the academic, language, music, professional, hobby or miscellaneous category.
I am a tutor in India and I do online tutoring, can I register on Approved Tutors.
Sorry but at present Approved Tutors is for the UK’s most experienced tutors only. In the near future we will have Approved Tutors USA, Australia and Canada but we have no plans to offer the service in non English speaking countries.
I have over 20 years experience as a teacher and tutor but I don't have digital copies of my qualifications, how can I get my qualifications approved?
As an experienced and successful tutor you are very welcome to register on Approved Tutors. We would ask that instead of uploading proof of qualifications you upload a reference letter from a school, college, university or satisfied tutee.
I am a tutor, my profile still doesn't show 100% complete, what am I missing?
Please log into your secure account at and: • Complete your address details including postcode – required to show your general on a Google map • Complete your profile tag line and  information • Indicate if you would like to be featured in our scrolling ‘Featured tutors’ element on the new home page • Upload a photo – only profiles with a picture will be featured on our home page. • Upload your ID image – passport or driving license image/pdf • Upload your DBS certificate if you have one – it will show on your published profile if you are DBS cleared • Indicate when you are available for tutoring • Indicate how many miles you are willing to travel for home tutorials. • Indicate when you would like to receive an email from us e.g. when a student views your profile, sends you a message, purchases your contact details etc. • Add your qualifications and an image of the qualification as proof • Add all the subjects and levels you are able to offer to students • Add the name, email address and phone number of 2 references Finally, do click the View Profile button to ensure you are happy with the presentation of your profile.
I would like to register as a tutor but feel uncomfortable uploading images of my certificates and identification to the site.
Let me reassure you that firstly Approved Tutors is a secure and encrypted site. Your personal information and certificates will not be published on your profile but our site administrator needs to take all reasonable precautions to verify that a tutor is a real person (proof of ID), who is qualified to teach (qualification images) the subjects they offer.
What is your email address and telephone number?
You can contact us by emailing or using the Contact Us form on the site.
I am trying to upload files but I am getting an error message?
Please ensure the filenames consist of standard alphabet characters not Chinese or other international characters.
I am from another country and I cannot prove my qualifications, can I still register?
If you have references from a teaching establishment or satisfied tutees we will accept them as proof.
My qualifications and DBS are in my maiden name but I am now married so have a different surname?
Please email an image of your marriage certificate to so we can approve your qualifications.
Can I give my Skype address in messages?
Any attempt to exchange contact details prior to a parent purchasing contact details is a breach of our Terms and Conditions. The fees parents pay are reimbursed by the tutor and are the only source of revenue to fund site development, admin and online marketing so breaches are taken very seriously. However, since January 2018, we offer tutors with completed profiles the opportunity to become Premium Members and publish their full name and contact details on their profile. See FAQ on Premium Membership for more information or email if you have any queries.
What is a Premium Member of Approved Tutors
Since January 2018, Approved Tutors now offers an additional service to our published terms and conditions. For an annual fee of £25, tutors can now include their full name and contact details on their profile. Contact details can include telephone number, email address, link to a personal website, link to a Facebook or Twitter page. This new service was primarily introduced to increase the number of enquiries that tutors receive by improving the profile rankings on search engines like Google. Including the full name and contact details on a profile improves Google page ranking substantially. Premium Member profiles are ranked on page 1 or 2 of Google within 30 minutes of being indexed, even in large cities. Parents and students don't even need to register on the site to contact their chosen tutors. If you have any queries regarding Premium Membership of Approved Tutors please email and we will be happy to clarify further.
Do you have a Facebook page?
We have two facebook pages. One is for the general public and is often used to promote tutors. Please click Like to expand our reach here There is also a closed group for registered tutors here which is used to notify tutors of any changes to the site, technical issues and any students who are waiting for a response. I also have a Twitter account which is used to promote tutors here
What do the badges on a tutors profile mean?
The badges are explained below:
Top Tutor Badge - tutors holding this badge have received at least 5 reviews and maintained an average rating of above 4 stars.
Fast Responder Badge - tutors holding this badge have an average response time to enquiries of less than 3 hours (minimum of 5 responses).