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Tutors, parents and students understandably want to get to know the people and ethos behind a website.

Approved Tutors was launched in September 2015 and is 100% owned by myself (Lee Florence), a full time tutor in the North East of England. I have a Certificate in Education (Cert Ed.) and a first class honours degree in education (BA Hons. Ed.). I have now been a private tutor for over 4 years and can reassure any prospective tutors that it is the most rewarding and enjoyable role I have ever held. You meet so many lovely people and get enormous satisfaction from helping them achieve their academic and career goals.

You can view my personal tutor profile here. I provide tuition in English Language, English Literature, maths, and psychology up to A level and also the sciences physics, biology and chemistry up to GCSE level. I tutor in and around a town called Cramlington in beautiful Northumberland so many of my customers are in local towns like Morpeth, Gosforth, Ponteland, Whitley Bay and the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. My students mostly achieve A or A* with the occasional surprise of a high B. I am now tutoring students to achieve the new GCSE levels 1-9 and expect to achieve levels 7-9. As a result I am able to provide references from many satisfied parents and students.

My early career was in IT Support, Technical Authoring and IT Training but whilst working for the Department for Education I became very interested in education statistics and particularly with the high numbers of young people and adults who do not achieve the academic goals set for them and by themselves. I realised that once a student falls behind they do not catch up without external extra help. Not achieving these academic goals has such a negative impact on their higher education opportunities, career opportunities, self esteem and earning potential that I became interested in the efficacy of private tuition. I quickly discovered just how much demand there was for private tutors, how many private tutors there are in the UK and how effective it is. Most tutors are fully booked all year round, are unable to respond to all the requests they get and their students excel in exams. One to one tuition really works and is often recommended by school teachers who are just not able to give the individual attention that students sometimes require. I often liaise with school teachers to ensure that the tutorials do address the weak areas identified in school too.

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