Approved Tutors Premium Membership



From January 2018 tutors can become Premium Membership tutors and include contact information on their profile. This will enable parents and students to contact them direct and they will not need to pay for a Premium Membership tutor's contact details.

Contact information can include phone numbers, email addresses, personal web sites or links to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

The annual fee for advertising as a Premium Membership tutor will be £25. Invoices will be sent from Approved Tutor's PayPal account and tutors can pay using their debit card, credit card or PayPal account.

It is anticipated that Premium Membership tutors are going to receive more enquiries because of this change in policy and business model so do email if you would like to become a Premium Member on Approved Tutors

The income generated will be used to pay site hosting fees, site development and maintenance fees and increased advertising.

Tutors who are not Premium Members can still advertise free on Approved Tutors but parents and students will have to pay £20 to purchase their contact details and tutors are still expected to give a £20 discount off their first booking.