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From January 2018 tutors can become Premium Membership tutors and include contact information on their profile. This will enable parents and students to contact them direct and they will not need to pay for a Premium Membership tutor's contact details.

Contact information can include phone numbers, email addresses, personal web sites or links to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

The annual fee for advertising as a Premium Membership tutor will be £25. Invoices will be sent from Approved Tutor's PayPal account and tutors can pay using their debit card, credit card or PayPal account.

It is anticipated that Premium Membership tutors are going to receive more enquiries because of this change in policy and business model so do email if you would like to become a Premium Member on Approved Tutors

The income generated will be used to pay site hosting fees, site development and maintenance fees and increased advertising.

Tutors who are not Premium...

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UK Maths Tutors


Find a Maths Tutor Near You

The Approved Tutors website enables you to find a UK tutor near you. We have hundreds of maths , English, science, language, professional skills and music tutors that can help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Not surprisingly, we see the most demand for GCSE and A Level maths tutors. The recent changes to the UK's Foundation and Higher GCSE maths 1-9 syllabus has undoubtedly made maths more challenging than ever for our year 10 and 11 students who aspire to achieve grades 7-9. If your child is struggling with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics or any other field of mathematics this bulletin features some of the best maths tutors from around the UK that are very experienced and highly recommended.

The 30 tutors listed below are a selection of our most qualified and experienced maths tutors t Enhanced DBS Cleared. Most tutor online or in homes.

Penny C, Sidmouth, Devon

Martyn E, Crowborough, East S...

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What's changing at GCSE?

New GCSE Maths and English courses started in September 2015, and other subjects (including GCSE Science) will follow in 2016.

The first new exams for GCSE Maths and English will be in summer 2017. The new GCSE Science exams will start in summer 2018.

The new courses are more challenging than ever, with all the exams set at the end of Year 11.

There's a new '9-1' grading system, where Grade 9 will be reserved for the very top tier of students...

Grade 5 or above is regarded as a pass, whilst grades 7 - 9 will stretch and challenge the students due to the amount of new content on the GCSE curriculum.

There's no Foundation Level in the new English GCSEs — students of all abilities will take the same exams.

There are fewer course options in the new Science GCSEs. Most students will either take the new Combined Science course (worth two GCSEs) or three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Coursework and practical assessments play a much smaller par...

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Featured Tutor - Hannah L, Leicestershire


Featured Tutor - Hannah L, Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire

Hannah is an experienced A level and degree level Law tutor based in Smeeton Westerby, Leicestershire which is near to both Market Harborough and Oadby.

Hannah is a Cambridge Law graduate and Harvard Law School Master of Laws graduate so is able to offer expert tuition (in person or on-line) on all modules and can also assist with Oxford and Cambridge University applications and interviews.

Because Hannah provides tuition both locally and on-line, she can offer students Law tuition whatever their location. Hannah charges £29 per hour and is able to offer flexible lesson schedules.

Hannah is renowned for her student centred approach to tuition and for making the learning both fun and interesting.

If you are studying law at A level or degree and need expert friendly support then do contact Approved Tutor Hannah free via her profile here

Featured Tutor - Nick London


Featured Tutor - Nick D London

Nick has a Masters with Honours in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford and has been working as a private tutor and schoolteacher since 2009.

Nick is based in Putney, London and offers tuition in Maths up to GCSE and English up to A Level at an hourly rate of £45 per hour.

This Enhanced DBS cleared Oxford Graduate has a wealth of experience in both face to face and online tuition and has to date provided exemplary private tuition to 369 students. These students are of all ages and includes students with dyslexia, ADHD and other special education needs.

Nick is also able to offer tuition in many other GCSE and iGCSE subects and can assist with common entrance exams, verbal and non verbal reasoning.

You can contact Nick free of charge via his Approved Tutor profile here