Benefits of Private Tuition

An Approved Tutor delivers high quality teaching and learning face to face or online, ensuring stretch, challenge and engagement of students of all ages and abilities. An Approved Tutor knows that all students have the potential to succeed and often have only one chance to succeed. An Approved Tutor knows that higher grades will result in higher lifetime earnings, life choices and confidence.


When a student struggles with a subject they lose confidence and performance deteriorates further; the frustration can seem overwhelming. You can blame the student, teacher, yourself, the system, or you can invest in a tutor from Approved Tutors. Whether a student is falling behind or trying to get ahead, an Approved Tutor has the tools to help them achieve their educational goals.

Most teachers appreciate the extra help and will often recommend one to one tutoring to parents. One to one tutoring is able to identify the gaps in knowledge that are a barrier to progress.

Our tutors have Enhanced DBS certificates, checked references and are qualified to teach the subjects they offer.

In the classroom, a teacher may be faced with thirty pupils of different abilities, different learning preferences, and individual strengths and weaknesses; but for the majority of the lesson the teacher will be forced to treat the class as if it contained just one student, using a lesson plan designed to fit the ‘average’ pupil orating at a pace suitable for the average student. We know that different students, however bright and attentive, will inevitably grasp different elements, and won’t ask the teacher to repeat elements they missed. In contrast, a tutor is watching one face and one person’s work and has a student who is comfortable asking for elaboration or further discussion.

Tutoring is becoming the norm for high achieving students, even those that attend private schools.

There are many reasons for investing in private tuition. Here are some key facts about tutoring:

  • Higher grades results in higher lifetime earnings and life choices. Independent longitudinal studies show that academic success results in higher earnings, career choices and a better standard of living.
  • When a student falls behind they don’t catch up without help. Research shows that when a student falls behind on a course their grades are lower in their final exams.
  • Individual attention results in fast progress – students are able to focus better and are taught in a way that specifically meets their own unique needs enabling a tutor to cover a curriculum in a quarter of the time taken in class.
  • Freedom of choice – at school you may not be able to change teacher but you can change tutor to one that is able to motivate and bond with the student. Approved Tutors offers a best match guarantee which means if you don’t like your first choice you can choose another free of charge.
  • Progress assessment and monitoring – because teaching is one to one a tutor is able to individually asses a student accurately, identify barriers to progress quickly and monitor progress continuously.
  • Help with homework – students enjoy the personal advice and guidance to complete homework with less stress, more enjoyment and learn more.
  • Exam practice – students have the opportunity to complete more practice exam questions, therefore identifying and addressing areas of weakness, resulting in reduced exam stress and increased confidence in their ability to achieve high grades.
  • Reduces the pressure on parents - parents with busy schedules don't always have the time or knowledge to help their children with academic work. Having a private tutor enables a parent to focus on encouraging progress.
  • Motivation to progress - the close relationship between parents/students and a tutor enables a tutor to continually motivate a student and praise progress.
  • Better interaction – many students feel uncomfortable asking questions in class but are happy to interact fully with private tutors, effectively and quickly reducing barriers to progress.