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Charlotte D - Maths & Art tutor near Bath, Somerset.
Charlotte D, Bath
Experienced and friendly tutoring for all ages
Maths, Art
Phillippa L - Music Theory, English International - EFL, Saxophone, Music: academic & English tutor near Flackwell Heath, Bucks.
Phillippa L, Flackwell Heath
University of Oxford graduate and career tutor with 13 years of experience.
Music Theory, English International - EFL, Saxophone, Music: academic, English
BRENDAN M - English International - EFL & Spanish tutor near Newcastle upon tyne, Tyne and Wear.
BRENDAN M, Newcastle upon tyne
Learn and enjoy!
English International - EFL, Spanish
Josh H - Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Mechanical Engineering tutor near Redditch, Worcestershire.
Josh H, Redditch
I offer maths, biology, chemistry and physics tuition and live in Redditch, Worcestershire
Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical Engineering
John B - Maths tutor near Eastbourne, East Sussex.
John B, Eastbourne
I am a maths tutor in Eastbourne... my tuition improves pupils' confidence in and enjoyment of maths
Marta T - Spanish tutor near LONDON, uk.
I am a qualified Spanish teacher with valid certification in teaching Spanish (CLTA)

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