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Daniele B - French tutor near London, London.
Daniele B, London
Native French tutor and writer based in London, with an intimate knowledge of exam specs.
Karl D - Maths tutor near Hackney, London.
Karl D, Hackney
Experienced Teacher and Private Maths Tutor ✓ Friendly ✓ Passionate ✓ North London and online
Jane M - English tutor near WIGAN, Lancashire.
Specialist Leader of Education offering English phonics, reading and writing tuition in Wigan
Linzi H - Maths tutor near Sheffield, Please select below.
Linzi H, Sheffield
I have 27 years experience of successful tutoring. Online tuition. Specialising in QTS tests
Raquel M - English International - EFL, Spanish & Basque tutor near Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Raquel M, Leeds
It's not that I like studying, but I like learning and knowing. And all that effort, always pays off
English International - EFL, Spanish, Basque
Pella M - English International - EFL & English tutor near Southsea, Hampshire.
Pella M, Southsea
I believe passionately that everyone can learn English - communication is the key to success!
English International - EFL, English

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  • Individual attention results in fast progress -students are able to focus better and are taught in a way that specifically meets their own unique needs enabling a tutor to cover a curriculum in a quarter of the time taken in class.
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